ATCC GrpA Toyota AE86

(atcc_toyota_ae86_grpa) Mod
ATCC GrpA Toyota AE86, skin White
ATCC GrpA Toyota AE86, skin White
ATCC GrpA Toyota AE86, skin White 2

1987 Toyota Corolla - ATCC GrpA Under 2000cc

- Mod Description -
Mod has been created very close to the real car with the current owner helping with supplying specs, photos and testing.


This car is a pretty special and significant car in Australian racing history.

The car is the last of the factory-built Toyota Racing Development TTA AE86s from Japan to come across to Australia. There are very few AE86 Kouki coupes in Group A racing, and this car is the only one which TRD Japan built and sent to race in Australia. Most of the cars were hatch models or the early Zenki model coupe.

It endured a rough start to its racing career, breaking an axle in its debut at Sandown and then blowing an engine on the third lap of the 1986 James Hardie 1000.

It raced from late ’86 through to the final race for TTA, which was held at Oran Park in 1989. That day John Smith drove it to clinch the 1989 manufacturer’s championship for Toyota.

The car pulled off an incredible feat in 1988, finishing 9th outright at Bathurst driven by John Faulkner and Mike Quinn.

Toyota held on to the car at the end of its period career, giving it a stint in the Bathurst Motorsport Museum and otherwise keeping it at their headquarters. In 2011, Heritage Touring Cars competitor Chris O’Connor was able to buy it, eventually selling it to Craig Foster.

Mod Author

Body and parts come from numerous cars (excuse the terrible mapping, PSD templates included), wheels have been created using 3 different rims to get wheels that are close to the real car.


There are no setups for this car.


This car has been used in 0 sessions.


  • Slicks Hard DTM90s (H)
  • Slicks Medium DTM90s (M)
  • Slicks Soft DTM90s (S)


  • Acceleration: 4.3s 0-100
  • BHP: 179 bhp
  • Power Ratio: 4.96 kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 220+km/h
  • Torque: 195 Nm
  • Weight: 888 kg*